The SuperBeast Chronicles 10

Ryu hugs Sakura back, and goes back to Mike, who was on the bench, lifing 220 pounds.

Ryu: Come on, five more! That's it! Good.

Mike puts the weights back on the holders, and wipes his forehead.

Ryu: He won't know won't hit him, come on, let's go home.

Mike: Alright...whew...Cammy's gonna flip when she sees you.

Ryu: I bet. Still got your GTO?

Mike: Absolutely.

They leave as Mike gets in his car and drove off with Ryu back to the house. They walk in.

Mike: Cam, look who I found!

Cammy: How as your workou--RYU!

Cammy runs into Ryu's arms, hugging him tightly.

Ryu: Great to see you again, Cam.

Cammy: Nevermind me, how are you?

Ryu: Alright, heard Mike was having a match, and it wouldn't be right if I wasn't there.

Cammy: Well, I'm glad you're back. Come on, sit down, I'll make some food.

Mike: Just like old times...

The three sat down and ate. Ryu sat there stuffing his face and telling of his adventures.


The day of the match had came, Mike arrived at the arena with Ryu and Cammy. He got his usual dressing room. He dropped his bag on the table, and got undressed. He got into his wrestling gear, slipping on his knee pads first, his pants second, then his boots. He tied his hair back, and had Ryu tape up his fists. He began warming up. Cammy went outside to go get a drink.

Ryu: Mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Ryu: I'm glad I came.

Mike: Me too, brother. Me too.

Ryu: I still got your necklace. It's never left my bag since, and when I lost my way, it helped me find it.

Mike: Told you, man.

Ryu: Win or lose tonight, I'm proud of you.

Ryu hugs Mike, who embraces him with a hard slap on the back.

Mike: Alright, man. Let me warm up.

The crowds began to pile in, fans bought merchandise at the stands, and took their seats, they knew tonight was going to be a night they would never forget.