The SuperBeast Chronicles 15

The match found its way back into the ring, Zangief headbutts Mike while he's on the ring apron. This stuns Mike, almost causing him to fall to the concrete floor. Zangief elbows him once more. Mike counter attacks by ramming his shoulder into Zangief's gut, causing him to keel over. Mike flips over the top rope over him, grabbing his legs into a sunset flip and getting his shoulders onto the mat.

Ref: One! Two!

Zangief kicks out. Mike argues with the ref while Zangief pulls something out of his trunks. Mike turns around and is struck in the throat with it. Zangief pushes his head inbetween his legs and powerbombs Mike. Zangief goes for the cover, and only gets a two count. Zangief stomps Mike's chest and head, and then picks him up. Throwing him into the corner, he gives him several knife-edge chops. The crowd erupts with a "Whoo!" after very impact. The next chop is reversed by Mike, who delivers a chop of his own. Zangief snaps his head back from the hit, and is met with several knees to his stomach. Mike backs up and charges him, which Zangief moves from. The ref stops Zangief from giving Mike kidney punches.

Ref: Back it up, Zangief!

Zangief: Out of my way you puny man!

The ref shoves Zangief and points to his chest, telling him to obey his rules. Mike looks back, and hops up to the top rope and goes for a moonsault. Zangief catches him, and counters it into a powerslam. Zangief takes time to taunt the crowd, waving his hand in a circle and cupping his ear, mocking the trademark pose of Hulk Hogan, who was once an American Icon. He picks Mike up by the head, and Irish whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Mike meets him with a flying forearm attack. Zangief crashes to the canvas while Mike got to his feet. He grabbed Zangief's legs and held them and smashed into his stomach with a boot. The ref warns him to watch that attack and make sure it doesn't hit below the belt. Zangief sits up, and sees Mike's foot crash into his shoulders with lightning quick speed. Alternating kicks, he bounces off the ropes again and dropkicks Zangief's face. Mike goes for a pin and gets a two count. The crowd counts along with the ref. Getting desperate, Mike goes to the outside and pulls out the chair from under the timekeeper. Folding it up he slides into the ring and slams it against Zangief's back. He does this a second time. Getting an idea, he wedges it inbetween the 2nd and 3rd rope turnbuckles. He goes back to Zangief and prepares to Irish whip him into it. Zangief reverses it, and throws Mike into it. Mike's head goes plowing through it.

Ref: Watch the usage of the chair!

Zangief: He brought it in, Ref!

Mike's forehead is busted open. The blood pours from his head. Zangief picks him up and locks him under his armpit. He lifts him up and holds him in the air. After several seconds, he drops him with the Stalling Suplex. He rolls backwards to his feet, and follows it up with a German Suplex with a bridge pin. The ref counts.

Ref: One! Two! Thr--

Mike kicks out with what energy he had. Zangief in a fit of anger, throws Mike to the outside. He follows him, and clears off the announcer's table. He slams Mike's head onto it. He grabs the microphone from the ring announcer and taunts the crowd.

Zangief: Look at him! Look at your hero! He was a fool to sign up for this match! Stay down like the worthless dog you are!

With a burst of adrenaline, Mike grabs Zangief's legs and lifts him up. He falls back, executing the Flapjack, and sends Zangief crashing the table face-first. The crowd roars wildly at seeing Mike finally landing an attack after being brutalized after several minutes. Mike gets to his feet slowly, still dizzy from the blood loss. He rolls under the bottom rope, and climbs to the top. He prepares to dive onto Zangief, but stumbles off the rope, landing crotch-first onto the top rope and keeling over inside the ring. He laid there catching his breath while Zangief recovered. Zangief searches under the ring and finds a garbage can, with a kendo stick, a sledgehammer and a 2x4 inside. He empties it out. Things were starting to get hardcore. He takes the garbage can and tosses it into the ring. Mike stumbles to his feet again, and sees the weapon. He then sees Zangief crash it upon his head, causing more blood to flow. Mike gets up one more time. He grabs a steel chair. Zangief walks up to him. Mike throws the chair so Zangief can catch it. He does a spinning back kick into the chair, causing it to slam into Zangief's face executing the Van Daminator.

Crowd: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Mike: *huff huff* Fuck...get ahold of yourself, Mike...come on...

Both men lay in the ring, catching their breath and recovering. Mike was losing blood, and Zangief had just got himself cut open as well. This heated bout became a bloody war. It was a game of time and endurance to see who would reach their feet first.