An Alternate Universe: A Re-Telling of the SuperBeast Saga 4

As he came home, he grabbed his mail from the mailbox. Mike sifted through the usual bills and junk. He came across a black envelope, showing the Shadowlaw logo. He opens it up, and it says only those words...

"You killed her. You couldn't save her. It's your fault."

He reads on...

"She died a lovely death. Her blood painted the sidewalk ever so lovely. Don't feel so sad, for you will be with her soon."

Anger flows through Mike's veins. His skin had felt a once familiar feeling. The boiling of his blood. Horns peeked from his head, along with his eyes turning red and black. He pushes the horns back in. His eyes return to their normal color. He had been holding back the SuperBeast monster since Cammy died. The more he held it in, the more his powers had weakened. His theory was his above average powers failed him when he needed to use them the most, resulting in the death of his wife.

Mike:! Goddammit, I wish I never had this power!

The news had more sightings of Shadowlaw. Mike just stood there watching. He was reluctant to go into battle, for fear of failing to save someone else. He looks at the picture frame near his TV, seeing a picture of Cammy, Ryu, Ken, and himself. He throws it across the room. His slams his foot through his coffee table, destroying it. He drops to his knees crying, still venting his guilt through his tears.