The SuperBeast Chronicles 17

As escaped convicts and madmen run rampant over the city, Mike had become overwhelmed with melancholy and boredom. He watches the news reports as they show footage of looting and anarchy.

Cammy: How can you watch this and not do anything?

Mike: How can these assholes outside watch us like hawks? Besides, this is a job for the police.

Cammy: The police are outnumbered! For every one of them, there's 5 bad guys! Mike, you have to do something!

Mike takes a slurp of his tea and remains silent. Cammy puts down her mug and goes into the end table to retrieve a Walther P99. She grabs two extra magazines and grabs a holster.

Cammy: If you won't do anything, I will! Time to prove I still have what it takes.

Cammy marches out the door and starts her car. She fight through the small crowd of people outside their home. Mike sits there, continuing to watch the news. The camera pans over to an orphange set on fire, children running scared and women crying. Mike shuts his eyes tightly. He hears screams and cries. His eyes open, with anger residing behind them.


Mike gets up from the couch, and goes to the bathroom. He looks in the mirror and gets angrier.

Mike: They don't stop...they never stop...KILL....KILL! They must fucking die.

Mike punches the mirror. The shards pierce his hands and they heal. He looks at a pair of scissors Cammy had used earlier. He eyes them, then picks them up, snipping at his hair and ripping it out. He reaches into a darwaer and pulls out clippers. He scalps himself almost, shaving himself bald. He looks out the window, and walks out. With fire in his hands, he shoves people aside. The embers inside turned into a raging inferno. Mike had two objectives in his mind. Put the criminals back where they belong, and kill Chun-Li.