The SuperBeast Chronicles 23

With Baraka down, Mileena was seeking revenge on the one who took down her mate. With some begging towards her adopted "father," Shao Kahn, who had shunned away Kitana for Mileena in recent times, had granted her this special grudge match for the tournament, with no spectators, just the two of them, with the end result being revealed when one walks out. The next round began. Cammy was paired with Mileena. Mileena reveals her fangs and throws her sai to the ground.

Mileena: I'm gonna kill you with my bare hands! Then I'm gonna eat that pretty face of yours!

Cammy: Oh dear. Come and work up that appetite, then!

Mileena jumps in the air and swings like a wildcat, with Cammy keeping it up and returning it. Mileena throws a hard right hand, which Cammy counters by grabbing ahold of her wrist, and flips her to the ground. Frustrated and enraged with the thought of her losing to the same woman who killed Baraka and thirsty for blood, she crawls over towards her pair of sai, and grabs them and begins to stab Cammy, which Cammy keeps dodging. She spin kicks Cammy, catching her in the chest. She gets up, and Mileena walking towards her connects with a left hand backfist, with plenty of torque left, spins and connects with her right. Cammy falls and gets back up and keeps her hands up.

Mileena: After I kill you, I'm gonna have fun with that husband of yours. His meat looks tasty and fresh.

Cammy out of anger, gets the strength in her to headbutt Mileena, knocking a few fangs loose. Mileena, now enraged and spitting blood, chops Cammy in the collarbone, and straight stabs Cammy's shoulder, missing arteries. She drops down to one knee and holds her wound. Out of the shadows, Kitana is nearby; watching everything unfold. She throws one of her fans toward Mileena, causing a distraction. Cammy sees a round object rolling towards her. She notices a blinking light, and Kitana nodding. She grabs a dropped sai, and guts Mileena with it. She drops down to her level, and noticing the object rolled towards her was a bomb, Cammy opens Mileena's wide mouth and stuffs it with the bomb.

Cammy: Say hello to Baraka for me.

Mileena screams as the bomb detonates. Cammy dives to the floor as blood and chunks fly all over. Kitana helps her to her feet and looks at her shoulder.

Kitana: That's gonna be nasty.

Cammy: Why did you help me?

Kitana: This is all a trap. I know very well who your husband is. His reputation has been revered in more than just Earthrealm. Kurtis Stryker asked me to give you the bomb.

Cammy: Well whoever he is, tell him thanks. I was almost a human Happy Meal.

Kitana: The tournament is all a lie. There is no prize. Shao Kahn has constructed this tournament to get any and all of his known possible enemies out of the way.

Cammy: What about my husband?

Kitana: He's been heavily sedated. Once the winner of the tournament is crowned, he will dispose of them personally. You must win that tournament. I will try what I can to help your husband.

Cammy is nursed to health by Kitana. She is returned to her quarters until her next fight with whomever it may be. Kitana later checks in on Mike, who is chained up, laying motionless on a table. She checks his forehead, still runing warm. He mumbles in his sleep. He slips a hand through the chain, grabbing Kitana's wrist, clutching her wrist, in his fever dreams thinking she was Cammy. He begins to scream out violently.


Kitana comforts him, playing Cammy for him. Assuring him he was okay, he became silent. Tucking his arm back in the chains on the table, she sighs and leaves, knowing it's too soon for her to help them further with out someone catching on.