The SuperBeast Chronicles 24

The next day comes. The rain comes like the heavens were ready to fall. Under a tent stands Sub-Zero, his every breath emerging from his mouth and nose like an arctic steampipe letting out its gas. Wearing her typical attire with cameo pants and combat boots added, Cammy stands across from him. He lunges at her, hardly giving her a chance to register what is going on. Cammy finally gets some leverage to put him in a armbar.

Cammy: This is all a trap! There is no prize. Khan wants us all dead!

Sub-Zero escapes and continues his barrage of attacks, until Cammy counters a kick with a sweep and prepares a face strike.

Cammy: Dammit, why aren't you listening? We have to try and help each other!

Sub-Zero freezes her arm, forcing her to get off of him. She rolls back in an evasive maneuver, and awaits his next move.