The SuperBeast Chronicles 26

Jade using her staff as pole vault, leaps into air and desecends with a flying kick. Sub-Zero freezes her in mid-air. Cammy slides between Sub-Zero's legs and follows it up with a Spin Drive Smasher, shattering Jade into icy chunks of flesh and blood.

Cammy: I'm sick of you women thinking I'm a pushover and try to take my husband. Let's finish this!

Scorpion looks at his partner and throws his harpoon at Cammy, just grazing her as she gets back down to the ground. A burst of green flame appears, seperating the remaining three. Quan Chi appears and places a hand Scorpion's shoulder. Sub-Zero knows that Quan Chi is responsible for Scorpion's clan dying out, and tries to reason with him.

Quan Chi: Shut up! Lin Kuei dog!

Scorpion backfists Cammy, while Quan Chi dives over his head and kicks Sub-Zero in the chest. Shao Kahn looks on in pleasure, knowing that he plans to kill them all himself.