The SuperBeast Chronicles 29

Being a split second off, Shinnok had gotten caught in a freeze blast by Sub-Zero. He notices his amulet, and rips it off Shinnok's chain around his neck. He shatters it in his hand, as well as Shinnok by kicking him in the chest, turning him into shattered icicles and chunks.


Distracted by Shinnok's demise, Quan Chi shouts in agony over the power amulet being destroyed. Scorpion sees this as an oppurtunity. He throws his harpoon and Cammy gets in position. With extra force, it goes into Quan Chi's chest.

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

He reels in Quan Chi, seeting him up for the team attack.


The force of the harpoon reeling and Cammy's attack destroys Quan Chi, breaking his ribs and finally decapitating him.


With a mighty shoulder ram, Shao Kahn collides into Mike, who tries his best to eat the attack. With his massive forearms, he batters Mike around. He's finally caught with a Hadoken, opening the window for Mike to get in counter attacks. He uppercuts Kahn, followed by punches into his chest, and knees to the stomach. Dazed and confused, Mike ends the combo with a Dragon Punch. The impact knocks off Kahn's helmet. exposing his glowing red eyes.

Mike: Cute. I got those too.

Harnessing what demon power he could, His eyes become tinted yellow. He brings his fist up, and notices it turning into something similar of his Beast form. He screams and lets it fly. It goes through Shao Kahn, causing a green beam of energy to fly out of his limbs and mouth. The ground begins to rumble as a portal opens. Mike is helped up by Cammy and Sub-Zero as they jump into it, followed by Scorpion. They land back into Earthrealm with a thud. Everyone is fine except for Mike. He is doubled over in pain. He opens his mouth to let out a blue entity. It floats out of him, revealing itself to be Raiden. Knowing how weak he would be in Outworld, he needed to transfer himself to a safer vessel, where his essence would be protected, and be able to help out Earthrealm in the form of enhanced strength in Mike. His body appears rejuvenated, and addresses the warriors.

Raiden: Well done. The Elder Gods will be pleased at this victory. Shao Kahn's defeat will spell peace throughout all the realms. Mike will be fine. I guided his body with the strength he needed to get through this. He will be weak for a short time, by morning he will feel refreshed and completely back to normal. I will be watching over all of you.

In a flash of lightning, Raiden disappears. Cammy addresses Scorpion and Sub-Zero, whose uneasy alliance led to victory.

Cammy: It's been a pleasure fighting alongside you, boys.

They shake each other's hands. Mike slowly gets up to his feet and thanks them all. They all go their separate ways. Mike and Cammy walk into their house, and instantly remember that there is a hole in the wall, and Dan is there, re-arranging furniture to try to make it more like a dojo. Mike grabs Dan by the collar and drags him out through the wall, before with help from Cammy, picks up the wall and tries to prop it up until they can get someone to fix it.