The SuperBeast Chronicles 32

Mike hops over the back fence. He hears the stereo system blaring out music. He walks inside and sees several hot tubs in the back of Dan's dojo, and sees multiple men hugging and kissing, and worse. Some of the men are singing the song. Dan comes walking into the room wearing nothing but a pink towel.


Mike is disheveled. He looks at the stereo system. He takes a look at Dan. If looks could kill, Dan would have died a thousand times. He looks at the stereo again. He rolls his arms back and breathes deeply.


The stereo explodes. The music stops as pieces of wiring and plastic scatter across the room.

Mike: ENOUGH! I'm trying to sleep! I don't care what you're doing, but do it QUIETLY!

Mike storms out. The silence in the room was deafening. The men all get out of the tubs and try to follow Mike, who was already back in his bedroom. Dan followed as well. Dan leads the men towards Mike's front door, all making a commotion for Mike to come back out. Mike was wide awake, and decides to go back outside, while he grumbles and mumbles loudly. Cammy was still asleep.

Cammy: Should have bought more earplugs, baby...zzzzzz....zzzz...

Mike: I'm gonna kill them all!