Spring is here. I love the month of spring. La la la la la. Ve Ve Ve Vega!!!! Come out from hiding, my long blond stud.

It is spring and you all know what that means?

Sure do! It's when Dan fucks Vega's ass shitless in the name of yaoi love. Vega will yodel his womanly screeches so loud that it will break everyone's eardrums.

Now where is Dan and Vega? My camera has a new roll of film in it. Let's see some pink action.

I got Vega all tied up in pink ribbons, just the way Dan likes it.

This is so very exciting. Dan is coming over for his gift now and he is doing his Saikyo mating dance for Vega.

Everyday is like my birthday when I am with my Vega!


Vega, my love, do you want to dance with your Dan? Pucker up those lips for Dan!