I hate Spring. I have terrible hayfever and allergies to DAN!!!!!!

Vega, shut up and start kissing Dan!

I need Dan to help me with that murderer Bison!

What are you talking about, Chun Li?

You know what I'm talking about! You killed my father!!!!!!

Did he give a good blood curdling scream when he died? Bison, can you kill Chun Li too so I can piss on her grave?

DIE BITCH!!!!!!!

All those who oppose me shall be destroyed. Chun Li, to show you that I'm not such a bad guy I'll send you over the old VHS tapes that I have of when your father died by the guns of Shadowlaw's elite. You'll even get the special edition of hearing your father's last dying words before his face got smashed in.


I love a Vega in leather pants! GADOUKEN!!!!


Father, you can finally rest in peace. I have avenged you.... Bison has been given a fate worse than death.... Normally I wouldn't say this because it is totally out of character for me but...... DAN RAPE BISON HARDER!!!