What an absolutely gorgeous picture of Vega with his mask off. Dan saw that picture and had a romping party on Vega's ass and the shock has caused Vega to soil the floors for 10 hours straight!

Very romantic sight but what a terrible mess. But not to worry I have talked to Dan, who has forced Vega to clean up the terrible mess he made. It is so cute seeing Vega with a mop up his ass and sweeping the floors.

Speaking of messes. I hope that Kunzite did a good job cleaning my hamster's cage. He hates my hamster but I threaten that virgin that if he disobeys any of my orders I will have him taken to Dan for a stretching feast!


I now have a strong hatred towards hamsters. But Setsuna gave me an order and I must obey without any hesitation.

Must escape from Dan....
Must escape from Dan....
Must escape from Dan....

Vega, you look very handsome today and I'm glad that you took the time to pretty yourself up for this special occasion so take your mask and pants off to get the show started!!!!

Vega, my love, did you just put on makeup for your Dan? Oh my darling, I am just as excited to play kissy face with you too! I love you, my hunky Vega!