Thank you, Adam Kasugano, for this romantic picture of Vega and Dan! Dan just super glued himself to Vega's ass. Look at Dan burn yaoi love!

Shall I get the hose?

No, absolutely not!!!!! Dan should get as much encouragement as possible to express Saikyo love on Vega.

Uhhhhhhhh...... Are you sure that Dan and Vega should be doing stuff this obscene?

Of course! The more obscene the better! Now I'll get some popcorn to enjoy the show. The more blood pouring out of Vega's ass the happier Dan is.

I think Dan is about to pop one of Vega's ass cheeks from the sound of his yodel.

You can do it, Dan! I believe in you!

THAT DOES IT!!!! I'm placing you all under arrest on the grounds of dangerous stupidity. THIS HAS TO STOP! Vega, you are free from your yaoi slavery with Dan.

Heh, heh, heh. Chun Li, can I rub your titties with my claws?

You sick pervert! Forget I was ever here!

Vega, my love, nothing can keep us apart. Kiss your Dan, my cute stud muffin.