Thank you, Adam Kasugano, for this picture! This month is a very special month because it is Vega month. Happy birthday, Vega!

Don't forget that January is also my month too so happy birthday to me! Do you all know what I want for my birthday this year?

A live yaoi performance from Vega and Dan?

Exactly! Vega, get your ass over here right now and pull down your breeches for Dan!

Vega, I got you a pink gi. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

You cruel sick bastard!

Ken, that is such a thoughtful gift for Vega. Did you get Vega a matching pink dress too? Dan likes Vega in a dress.

I have to get out of here right now before it is too late.

And now the moment you've been all waiting for. My gift! Look, Vega, I got you a nice big cake and there is a surprise hidden inside..... Dan!

TAH DAH!!!!!! Here's my gift to you, Vega, my love! Kissy kissy kissy!!!!


Happy birthday to you! Gadouken! Happy birthday to you! Koryuken! Happy birthday to my sweet darling, Vega! Dan-ku-kyaku! Happy birthday to you! Shinku-gadouken!


Absolutely beautiful. Dan and Vega living happily ever after.