Something is very wrong here. We should all be hearing the beautiful sounds of Dan singing happy Saikyo songs as he drills his beloved Vega. Vega should not be walking around free and with his ass unstretched by Dan!

You goddamn ugly bitch woman! I'll kill you!

I love spring! Don't you too, Vega, my love? I have been working on my mating dance for you.


Vega, hug Dan and whisper dirty words in Dan's ear right now! Don't keep Dan waiting and take the Saikyo drill like a man!



In order for this to be a proper spring lots of blood needs to be pouring out of Vega's ass. Dan has been working hard the entire winter for this special moment with his Vega. You hear that, Vega! Take it off and bend over to pleasure Dan!



Just listen to how happy Dan is with his Vega. All that Saikyo loving between Vega and Dan has melted all the snow away... Now spring has started!